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...And there are also the FunLeaders, those high-caliber professionals who will be working in close partnership with you and your teams for as long as deemed necessary, as per the magnitude of your project.

They cannot all be listed here (if they were, this page would become very confusing!), and not all could be caricatured, we do not guarantee real people's likeness anyway, as they spend more time on site than in our offices!

Miguel, our marketing master

Meet Miguel, FunLeaders' Marketing Vice President. You like FunLeaders' Web site? That's him! You don't like FunLeaders' Web site? Well... that's him too! Miguel is not only in charge of our Web site look and feel, he is also responsible for the way we communicate, our advertisements... name it as long as it is related to marketing. He talks so much about marketing during day-time, that we wonder if he also dream marketing at night...