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...And there are also the FunLeaders, those high-caliber professionals who will be working in close partnership with you and your teams for as long as deemed necessary, as per the magnitude of your project.

They cannot all be listed here (if they were, this page would become very confusing!), and not all could be caricatured, we do not guarantee real people's likeness anyway, as they spend more time on site than in our offices!

Kelvin, our IT king

Meet Kelvin, FunLeaders' Information Technology and Systems Vice President. Our entire organization relies on him: At FunLeaders, we live and breath on line. We cannot afford the slightest glitch, bug or breakdown. Kelvin knows what he does, and we feel safe in his very knowledgeable and capable hands. He has so much more in his plate, like ensuring that our hardware and systems are always up-to-date. Ask him anything; he knows. How does it do that?